SWELOCK K522 Work Positioning Belt 1.5M
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To provide support to the user with both hands free for working, thus making working at height safe and comfortable.
Waist best: Polyamide 44mm webbing
D-rings: Zinc-plated & pressed steel double bent D-rings
• Buckle: Chrome-plated steel classic, easy for quick and comfort locking
Static strength: > 15kN
Net weight: 1,100g
Accompanying Products
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Governing Standards
CE EN358
Industry, Work Areas & Operations Allocated to
  • Rescue operation
  • Building constructions
Quality Criteria
Must be satisfy for the following criteria:
The design, construction, static and dynamic strength and test of a work positioning belt are defined in this European Standard, i.e. EN 358:2000.
  • The waist strap shall be not less than 43 mm wide and the back support not less than 100 mm. It can be equipped with adjustable shoulder and sitting straps.
  • The lanyard shall be equipped with a length adjuster and shall have a maximum length of 2 m under all normal circumstances.
  • When purchase, clear instructions for fitting, adjustment and use are supplied with each belt.
  • Markings with the number of standards, name of manufacturer, serial number, year and month of manufacture are available in the product packing.
Quality Check Method
Work positioning / sit harnesses
Dynamic Performance
Static Strength
Corrosion Resistance
Quality Tolerance
  • A work positioning lanyard of fixed length shall meet the requirements of EN 354. It shall be intended for a specific purpose which shall be detailed by the manufacturer. The length of such a work positioning lanyard shall be the minimum length to achieve its specified purpose.
  • Work positioning lanyard equipped with a length adjustment element shall be capable of adjustment to the minimum length which enables freedom to work and prevents the wearer from falling when the lanyard is incorporated into a specified work positioning system.
  • In normal conditions of use, it is assumed that belts can be used for six to eight years.
People/Quality Check Skills Required
Consult a qualified professional in the specific industry that the work positioning belts will be used (OSH Experts) taking in strict consideration and compliance the standards and requirements stated herein.
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