SWELOCK K453S/522R Full Body Harness with Pos Belt
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Fall arrest

  1 dorsal D-ring / 2 lateral D-rings for rescue / 2 lateral D-rings for positioning / frontal D-ring

Adjustment: Thigh, chest, shoulder straps, and waist belt

Straps: 44mm width, high tenacity polyester webbing

Metal component: High strength carbonated steel with corrosion resistance plating

• Comfort back pad 

Size: Universal

Capacity: 100kg / 1 person

Net weight: 2,220g

Strength: >15kN

Accompanying Products
A full body harness designed to arrest falls should have:
  1. Fall Arrest Attachments
  2. Hip Attachments
  3. Adjuster/Buckle - Used for securing the harness thigh straps around the user’s thigh
  4. A back-mounted D-ring located between the shoulder
  5. The letter “A” stencilled on each shoulder strap below the D-ring
  6. An arrow stencilled above each letter “A” pointing up the D-ring
Governing Standards
EN361 & EN358
Industry, Work Areas & Operations Allocated to
Fall Arrest
Quality Criteria
The following shall appear on a durable label secured on the full body harness and shall
be written in English and French:
a) Identification of the manufacturer and / or vendor;
b) Size ( the words “size” and ”grandeur” must appear on the label);
c) Sate of manufacture (by year and month);
d) Model number; and
e) Classification as per the following matrix for all fall arresting and/or work
Class A - Fall Arrest
Class D – Suspension and Controlled Descent
Class E – Limited Access
Class L - Ladder Climbing
Class P - Work Positioning
It is recognized that a full body harness may be classified in one or more groups.
Quality Check Method
-Dynamic Performance
-Static Strength
-Corrosion Resistance
Quality Tolerance
The following applications limitations must be considered and planned for before using a harness.
  • Physical Limitations
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Heat
  • Corrosion
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Moving Machinery
  • Sharp Edges and Abrasive Surfaces
  • Wear and Deterioration
  • Impact Forces
People/Quality Check Skills Required
Consult a qualified professional in the specific industry that the full body harness will be used (OSH Experts) taking in strict consideration and compliance the standards and requirements stated herein.
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Full Body Harness for fall arrest, rescue, and work positioning