PROTECTA AM401G Galvanized Steel rope sling, 1m
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for temporary anchoring around a rigid support

  • Galvanized cable, 6 mm diameter.
  • Length : 1 m thimble loop.
  • Metallic thimble.
  • Breaking strength > 10 kN.
  • Net weight : 20.3 Kg.
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CE 0086 EN 795 Classe B.
Governing Standards
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Industry, Work Areas & Operations Allocated to
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Quality Criteria
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Quality Check Method
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Quality Tolerance
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People/Quality Check Skills Required
Consult a qualified professional in the specific industry that the anchorage will be used (OSH Experts) taking in strict consideration and compliance the standards and requirements stated herein.
not available
Cable Sling Sleeve Anchorage System 1 Metre Length AM401G.