ANSELL 11-800 HyFlex Foam Gloves
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* Assembling, inspecting and packing small or delicate parts
* Assembly and handling of nuts, bolts and screws
* Electrical component assembly and installation
* Final assembly areas
*General material handling
*Shipping and receiving - handling cartons and packaging
*Truck driving, forklift and crane operation
Foam Nitrile coating on nylon knit liner
Accompanying Products
not available
Governing Standards
ANSI / EN388
Industry, Work Areas & Operations Allocated to
- Aerospace
- Appliance Manufacturing
- Automotive
- Electricians
- General Carpentry
- General Industry
- HVAC/Sheet Metal Users/Window Glazers
- Janitorial/Sanitation
- Masonry/Tile
- Plumbers
- Warehousing
Quality Criteria
not available
Quality Check Method
not available
Quality Tolerance
not available
People/Quality Check Skills Required
not available
not available

  • Channels oil away from glove surface for sure grip in light oil
  • Exceptional, unmatched comfort for workers
  • Provides good grip in dry environments
  • Glove molds naturally to the hand, minimizing fatigue
  • Exceptional comfort and fit increases worker acceptance and safety compliance

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